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Welcome... And thankyou for stopping by....


Welcome and thankyou for stopping by to visit the home of Jacqui Sterling on line. Jacqui's music can best be described as an eclectic blend of progressive folk, celtic roots and story telling in which she performs with passionate honesty and raw emotion.. She has been stirring audiences from Ireland to Australia and everywhere in between.  

Latest News....Jacqui is just about to embark on an intimate 'boutique' tour of SA and VIC with the wonderful Kelly Bruer (The Brouhaha) and songstress Rhia Loof in Adelaide. She will then be playing a series of shows at her favourite venues in Melbourne beginning with Supporting Tex Perkins and Charlie Owen at Sookis Lounge in Belgrave on July 2nd.  From here she will be joined by the incredible Bern Carroll (Bluehouse) and Teresa Dixon (the little sisters) where they will each play a set of original tunes to their home crowd at The Westernport Hotel , San Remo this Sunday July 5th kicking off from 5.30! She is very excited to be joined by Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell's love child Harmony Byrne at the Drunken Poet on Wednesday the 8th July for wine women and song!  Then the grand finale of her tour before she takes off to Ireland again to tour and record her long awaited album will be at the Wesley Anne..  It will be a singer/songwriter triple headliner show where Harmony Byrne and the Ridiculously gifted and seasoned songwriter and Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine Sarah Carroll will be joining her for a night of shared stages and songs. We hope to leave audiences with a little piece of our suitcase of songs and stories in their hearts and minds that they can take out and dust off at any time they choose. You can read more about dates and venues in 'what's happening' on this website

Following on from this tour Jacqui will be re-locating to Ireland where she will be touring Ireland for 6 months or more and hoping to launch a Pozible Campaign to collaborate with you all on her much awaited second album which she hopes to record with producer extroidinaire Mark Stanley and some very special Irish guests.. Leap and the Net will Appear ... Let the Adventure begin

Please make yourself at home, have a look around, listen to some songs, check out my musings (blog) and don't forget to sign up to my very special Mailing list.. I promise I will only mail you super special pieces of news and its a way we can keep in touch..

Enjoy xx

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