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The songs that are breathed to life in the music room in Jacqui’s small coastal town of San Remo are snapshots of a life rich in experience. They are born amidst memories of lives lost, of love given and received, of joy and passion and her gypsy spirit roaming the world.  Photos of family and friends old and new, feathers and other keepsakes watch over her as she weaves her memories into music.  The tick of a heater to warm the toes and the distant rumble of waves are the soundtrack for the songs as they are tickled and coaxed into life.

Her acoustic soul music, which is an eclectic blend of progressive folk, celtic roots and storytelling takes audiences on a journey back to her Irish heritage and through time to a shared shack in Byron bay.  
Her music is imbued with traces of this Irish heritage, the smell of a peat fire, the rowdy warmth of a small town Irish pub.  It takes these elements of family and tradition and combines them with a strong sense of connection to the natural world that was nurtured and developed through her time in the Byron Shire. Her social and environmental conscience and the love for her family is fierce and underpins everything that Jacqui does.

Music has always been the constant in my life, it’s how I reconnect with and make sense of the things that are true in the world” says Jacqui.  It’s this honesty in the music that draws the eyes of the audience towards the woman on the stage. The sweeping melodies and lyrical honesty of her finely crafted songs will get hearts beating, eyes misting, feet stomping and spirits flying. Audiences leave with the feeling that they’ve shared a secret joy with a best friend.

Immediately after recording her debut EP ‘Bird In The Hand’ in 2005,  Jacqui's gypsy spirit led her to live out her aspirations of playing her songs to audiences all over the world when she successfully launched her EP and music in Ireland, including a tour of England, France, Spain and Portugal..In that time Jacqui shared the stage with and supported international Irish artists Declan O' Rourke, Fionn Regan, Don Mescal and Mundy to name a few.

SInce returning home to our shores Jacqui has continued to perform at festivals and venues all over Australia supporting artists including Josh Pyke, Lanie Lane, The Pierce Brothers, Jordie Lane, Carus and Scarlett Affection and performed Falling slowly with Irish artist Glen Hansard.

In 2013 Jacqui won Clare Bowditch's highly contested 'Winter Secrets Tour' Competition to perform her song 'One Little River' at the Corner Hotel in Richmond with Clare, a highlight in Jacqui's music career to perform with one of her biggest inspirations and musical mentors.

In addition to this Jacqui has recorded the single 'Holy Ghost' (feat Clare Bowditch singing harmonies) with Marty Brown (CB) from her up and coming album 'Birds of a Feather'. This album is being recorded and produced by the incredible Mark Stanley, and featuring many amazing musicians including the beautiful Pierce Brothers , the multi talented John Bedgegood (Casey Chambers) and some very amazing and well known Irish musicians (she is keeping this part under her hat until the time is right).  This album has been a work in progress over the last 7 years and she hopes it will be ready to be launched towards the end of 2015 both in Australia and Ireland.

Jacqui will be launching a Pozible campain in the near future to help fund this dream and would love to have you on board.
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Thanks for stopping by and look forward to seeing you on my travels xx


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